Dungen: Häxan [2/20/17]

Second show! Today’s featured flutes were on the Swedish band Dungen’s newest album, Häxan. It’s a psyched-out score of the 1926 animated feature film The Adventures of Prince Achmed, and you guessed it, has some pretty insane flute.


  1. Dungen – “Wak-Wak’s portar”
  2. Les Rallizes Dénudés – “White Awakening – Version 2”
  3. Mac Demarco – “Chamber of Reflection”
  4. Shintaro Sakamoto – “Gently Disappear”
  5. Frankie Cosmos – “Sinister”
  6. Coma Cinema – “Her Sinking Sun”
  7. Yuck – “Milkshake”
  8. Dan Svizeny – “Potentially”
  9. Ty Segall – “Sad Fuzz”
  10. Weaves – “Hulahoop”
  11. Post Animal – “Goggles”
  12. Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Helium Tea”
  13. Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Untitled”
  14. Cough Cool – “Gold Silver Watches”
  15. Jerry Paper – “Romeo (My MO)”
  16. Car Seat Headrest – “something soon”
  17. Les Rallizes Dénudés – “But I’m Different”
  18. Forever Lesbians – “Bali Shag Palak Paneer”
  19. Forever Lesbians – “Cecile (Marcus Mamourian)”
  20. of Montreal – “Dustin Hoffman’s Wife Comes Home”
  21. Shintaro Sakamoto – “A Stick and Slacks”
  22. R. Stevie Moore – “Wayne, Wayne – Go Away”
  23. Daniel Johnston – “The Sun Shines Down On Me”
  24. Car Seat Headrest – “oh! starving”
  25. Helvetia – “Walking The Cow”
  26. Adult Mom – “I Make Boys Cry”
  27. Dum Dum Girls – “Coming Down”
  28. Les Rallizes Dénudés – “Night Of The Assasins”

Bonus: I wanted to play another song, but understandably the FCC doesn’t allow F-bombs on the air. Of course, it has flute. Great flute.

of Montreal – “Dour Percentage”


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