Hip Hop/Jazz Flutes [4/17/17]

This show is a change of pace. Like the rest of the world I’ve been listening to nothing but Kenrick Lamar’s newest (and sadly flute-less) album, DAMN. Nonetheless it got me thinking about the recent resurgence of flute in rap beats (read about it here). Tonight is about this resurrection of the world’s best instrument, from the more mainstream to the experimental, ending with some of the influences that got flute to its place in hip hop today.


  1. Beastie Boys – “Sure Shot”
  2. Kanye West – “Flute Flow Freestyle”
  3. Drake feat. Quavo and Travis Scott – “Portland”
  4. Future – “Mask Off”
  5. Kendrick Lamar – “XXX. FEAT U2”
  6. Kendrick Lamar – “DUCKWORTH.”
  7. Thundercat feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Walk On By”
  8. The Gaslamp Killer – “Impulse”
  9. BadBadNotGood – “Confessions Pt. II (feat. Colin Stetson)”
  10. Kendrick Lamar – “LUST.”
  11. Chance the Rapper – “Lost (feat. Noname)”
  12. Silk Rhodes – “Heart of Grass”
  13. James Tillman – “Shangri La”
  14. Jon Bap – “Let It Happen”
  15. Dudley Perkins – “Testin’ Me”
  16. Sun Ra & Sun Ra Arkestra – “Saturn Moon”
  17. Ben Patterson Jazz Orchestra – “Home”
  18. Ella Fitzgerald – “Swingin’ Shepherd Blues”
  19. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat. Flying Lotus – “Drips / Take Notice”
  20. Flying Lotus – “MmmHmm ft. Thundercat”
  21. Noname – “Sunny Duet (feat. The Mind)”
  22. Foodman – “Jazz”
  23. Sun Ra – “Janus”

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